My interest in virtual reality revolves around the codes and conventions that have led this medium into its contemporary condition;

The threshold between the digital representation of the space experienced and the space of experimentation 

 I would like to reveal the mechanisms of perception involved in the machinic vision as a layering of eyes.


I propose to look at familiar spaces, domestic spaces through the machinic vision exploring different layer of perception, multiple layering of eyes.

The human eye looking through the camera eye of the drone, turning around in the space, scanning through the depth perception eye. Designed in collaboration with the machine proto-algorithmic eye. Revealing spaces from inside out. The exciting part of this partnership is that familiar things will reveal themselves as other to the user, they will be estranged.

The result is a fictional short movie, narrated by a nostalgic and poetic drone. I wanted to use technology to make the familiar appear strange.

Viktor Shklovsky in his 1917 essay Art as Technique, suggested that aesthetics should disturb the viewer and prolong the experience of perception in order to enable critical thinking. He distinguishes between defamiliarization by playing on the domestic, in the hope of producing estrangement. But you cannot be sure estrangement will happen. In other words, defamiliarization is the technique, and estrangement the effect.

In this project, I deployed medium specific techniques of defamiliarization.


Office Frame


Garden Frame


Uncanny Valley by me

Processing video...

Office Frame


Studio Frame
Garden Frame
Studio Frame
Garden Section
Office Plan
Staedel Section


Studio Section


Layering of the Eyes 


Within the framework of the Staedelschule Architecture Class, 2017