The relation established also through a misregistration, a mismatch, a compilated landscape, 

is applied to a flattened mass, following its edges.Then it is slightly shifted, rotated, stretched and tore.

The superposition is disturbed, it is slightly off.  

The surface and the figure are both misregistered in relation to one another.


Bernard Tschumi's follies of la Villette, are used and chopped, chopped, chopped...

Then they’re inputted into a software developed with Unity by Tutor Jovanovic and customized by me where architectural typology happens.

It is a game of part to part relations, a volumetric composition, that depends on gravity and Boolean logic and additive parts, creating an infinite catalog of weird looking things.

A character in the Hedjuk sense. Play the game by adding parts to parts before time ends.


Within the framework of the Staedelschule Architecture Class, 2016